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Our Mission

Our mission is to publish texts for the Spanish-speaking world which focus on the themes of the kingdom of God, the centrality of Christ in the Scriptures, God's plan in history, practical Christian living and knowing God better.

Our Strategy

Our strategy will be worked out in practice in the following ways:

  1. through the publication of key books and materials in a variety of media forms and for a wide variety of age groups, which support our mission aim and its implications for life change in a Christian believer's daily living.
  2. through providing these materials at a price that the majority of people in Latin America can afford to pay.
  3. through promoting these materials widely throughout Latin America.
  4. through the promotion of godly Christian living through courses and programs which enable people to deepen their understanding of the Bible and to learn to apply it to all situations in life.

Small beginnings

The Editorial Torrentes de Vida was born as a result of the need for solid biblical texts for use with the MOCLAM program of courses, which have a focus on the unity of the Bible and the progressive revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout its entirety. These courses have been in use in Latin America for some 15 years but none of the recommended texts have been available. The aim of the Editorial Torrentes de Vida is to make these books accessible, not only to students of MOCLAM, but also to those who wish to understand God's Word better through the written word. Our aim is to sell these texts at an affordable price. We see this venture as a ministry rather than a profit-making enterprise.