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Editorial Torrentes de Vida

Providing Christ-centred resources to Latin America


Our ministry is the publication of key theological resources which give an understanding of the unity of the Bible and the centrality of Christ, at an affordable price for the Spanish-speaking world. more...


Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
by Graeme Goldsworthy US $10.00

Graeme Goldsworthy prepared this manual to help pastors and lay preachers to apply, in a systematic way, a Christ-centred focus to their sermons.


Dig Deeper
by Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach US $7.00

As the authors say: "This is a tool box. Here there are no spanners or trowels. These tools are rather a means of getting to the bottom of any Bible passage and discovering its true meaning.


Preaching: Mark by Phil Crowter US $6.00

Sermons on Mark's gospel will be a great help to those who preach God's Word. They will help them to:
* UNDERSTAND the main point of the Bible section
* LEARN to serve in fellowship with other Christians
* TAKE the good news of the gospel to our world
* THINK how it is important for their people
* TEACH the Bible section clearly


The Trellis and the Vine

by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne

According to this book, Christians are to be disciple-making disciples and pastors are to be trainers. This book is selling like hot cakes in Latin America!

Printed October, 2010:
3,050 copies selling at $8.50 US each; 2,383 copies remaining in May, 2011.


The Message of Isaiah

by Barry Webb

In his commentary, Barry Webb invites his readers to see Isaiah's compelling vision of God's glory, and the wonder of access to him.

Printed 2010:
1,032 copies selling at $10.00 US each; 962 copies remaining in May, 2011.


Preaching God's Big Story

by Phil Crowter

This book provides 24 basic sermon outlines based on God's progressive revelation in the Bible, from Creation to Christ to the New Creation. It also provides background material to help users of the book to better understand how everything in the Bible fits together. This book is printed in colour.

Printed 2009:
2,000 copies selling at $7.50 US each; 1,203 copies remaining in May, 2011.


The Christianity Explored program of books

These books comprise a program for evangelism over a period of 7-10 weeks over a meal or food. The program uses 3 main books and also provides a stand alone book for those who do not wish to participate in the weekly sessions.

Torrentes de Vida trnaslated, edited and formatted these books and the printing was paid for by Christianity Explored from the UK in 2008. they are sold throughout the Spanish-speaking world by Torrentes de Vida at prices ranging from $2.50 US to $8.00 US.


Nothing in My Hand I Bring

by Ray Galea

This book investigates the key issues that continue to divide Cathollics and Protestants and assesses them in the light of the teaching of Scripture.

Printed 2009:
2,500 copies selling at $5.00 US each; 716 copies remaining in May, 2011.


God's Big Picture

by Vaughan Roberts

This book gives an overview of the Bible and shows how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God.

Printed 2008:
5,128 copies selling at $3 US each; 536 copies remaining in May, 2011.


Who will be King?

This booklet is Two Ways to Live for children.

First printed December, 2009:
4,980 copies.
Reprinted May, 2011: 15,000 copies, selling at prices ranging from $0.25 US to $0.40 US each.
Note: Matthias Media purchases this product from Torrentes de Vida.