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Editorial Torrentes de Vida

Providing Christ-centred resources to Latin America


Our ministry is the publication of key theological resources which give an understanding of the unity of the Bible and the centrality of Christ, at an affordable price for the Spanish-speaking world. more...


Two Ways to Live

This booklet explains the message of the Bible which speaks about God and his Son, Jesus. It is about life and death and the choice we all face.

Printed by Matthias Media, Sydney, Australia; translated, edited and formatted by Torrentes de Vida.
Note: Torrentes de Vida purchases this product from Matthias Media.


The Gospel in Revelation

(The Lamb & the Lion) por Graeme Goldsworthy

This book looks at the broad plan and purpose of the book of Revelation in relation to the overall pattern of biblical revelation. The author's keen interest in the Christian significance of the Old Testament led him to the book of Revelation, which not only contains more Old Testament quotations than any other book of the New Testament, but which also preserves the Old Testament literary idioms and thought patterns in a way unparalleled in the New Testament.


Gospel and Kingdom

por Graeme Goldsworthy

This book is an excellent guide to understanding and interpreting the Old Testament and to understanding Biblical Theology. It shows clearly, in an uncomplicated and non-technical way, how the various parts of the Bible hang together.


Teaching Little Ones

Spanish version of a Sunday School program produced by Matthias Media, Sydney Australia.